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Catherine Parr was Queen of England and Ireland from 1543 to 1547 due to her marriage to King Henry VIII. She was his sixth and final wife. She is currently being played by Meesha Turner in the West End production of Six the Musical, and by Joy Woods in the Broadway production. In the original cast recording, her role was played by Izuka Hoyle.




  • Mary Seymour (born 30 August 1548, died 1550?)

Debut Order[]

First Principal Performance First Swing Performance Final Performance Emergency Covers
Shimali de Silva 31 July 2017 14 October 2017
Izuka Hoyle 18 December 2017 22 January 2018
Maiya Quansah-Breed 11 July 2018 13 October 2019 13 December 2019
5 January 2020
Grace Mouat 16 August 2018 28 December 2018
Courtney Stapleton 26 January 2019 11 October 2019
Vicki Manser 15 March 2019 26 September 2019
Anna Uzele 14 May 2019 13 March 2022
Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert 13 June 2019 Ongoing
Toby Marlow 28 July 2019
Collette Guitart 29 August 2019 12 December 2021
Viquichele Cross 6 September 2019 4 March 2020
Natalie Pilkington 18 September 2019 Ongoing
Danielle Steers 15 October 2019 14 November 2021
Hana Stewart 20 October 2019 19 April 2022 12 August 2021
Athena Collins 24 October 2019 6 July 2021 23 July 2021 29 June 2021

10 August 2021

21 August 2021

Amelia Walker 17 November 2019 1 March 2022
Harriet Watson 15 November 2019 26 February 2022
Cherelle Jay 17 November 2019 16 February 2022
Jennifer Caldwell 12 December 2019 29 January 2022
Vidya Makan 4 January 2020 Ongoing
Shannen Quan 14 February 2020 Ongoing
Elizabeth Walker 27 February 2020 2020
Megan Leung 13 March 2020 14 March 2020
Elèna Gyasi 8 June 2021 9 March 2022
Keirsten Hodgens 9 October 2021 Ongoing
Meghan Dawson 26 October 2021 13 January 2022
Meesha Turner 16 November 2021 Ongoing
Roxanne Couch 28 November 2021 Ongoing
Marilyn Caserta 29 November 2021 Ongoing
Rachel Rawlinson 9 January 2022 Ongoing
Esme Rothero 16 January 2022 Ongoing
Karis Oka 23 January 2022 Ongoing
Ellie Sharpe 14 February 2022 Ongoing
Paisley Billings 27 February 2022 Ongoing
Courtney Mack 6 March 2022 Ongoing
Alana Robinson 10 March 2022 Ongoing
Jarynn Sampson 12 March 2022 Ongoing
Joy Woods 14 March 2022 Ongoing
Harriet Caplan-Dean 17 March 2022 Ongoing
Chiara Assetta 29 March 2022 Ongoing
Gabriela Carillo 29 March 2022 Ongoing
Erin Ramirez 22 April 2022 Ongoing
Leesa Tulley 11 May 2022 Ongoing


  • Catherine was the goddaughter of Catherine of Aragon, and it is believed that she was named after her godmother.
    • Catherine Parr's mother, Maud Green, was a close friend and lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon.
  • After the death of Henry VIII, Catherine married Thomas Seymour, who was the brother of Henry's third wife Jane Seymour. This would have made the two sisters-in-law.
  • Out of all of Henry's queens, he was most closely related to Catherine Parr and Catherine of Aragon.
  • Catherine's daughter, Mary Seymour, is the only one of the queens' children that is not mentioned within the show, although most of the children only receive brief mentions.
    • Although it is widely presumed that Mary died at the age of two since she disappeared from historical record completely after 1550, some historians claim otherwise.
  • For swings and alternates that have two first covers, the role of Catherine Parr is most often paired with that of Jane Seymour.
    • For swings and alternates that have three first covers, the previous pair with the addition of the role of Katherine Howard is the most common.
  • Over all, out of the four alternate costumes, the orange costume is most associated with the role of Parr; three out of the four actresses cast as the orange alternate have had Parr as one of their intended first covers.
  • Catherine is currently the most common role for swings and alternates to make their show debut as, with seven cast members having debuted as her; those cast members being Courtney Stapleton, Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, Natalie Pilkington, Harriet Watson, Shannen Quan, Keirsten Hodgens, and Marilyn Caserta.
  • Although her name is most commonly spelled as "Catherine" it is also sometimes spelled "Katherine" or "Kathryn"
  • Catherine Parr is the only principal role in Six which has only been played by women of colour.
  • In the musical, Catherine's 'queenspirations' were Alicia Keys and Emeli Sandé.
  • In an Instagram story, Toby Marlow stated that if Six were to be made into a movie, he would like either Beyoncé or Alicia Keys to play Catherine.[1]
  • In the show, Catherine's stage directions and blocking have changed more than any other queen in the show.
  • Toby Marlow, one of the show's co-writers, stepped in to play Catherine for both performances on 28 July 2019 due to cast illness. This made the role the first and only queen to be played by a man in a professional production.[2]


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