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This person is mentioned in Six, but does not make an on-stage appearance.

Henry VIII was King of England from 22 April 1509 until his death on 28 January 1547. He is well-known for having the most wives out of any English king, with a total of six. He is mentioned often in Six the Musical by all of the queens.



Catherine of Aragon[]

  • Miscarried daughter (died 31 January 1510)
  • Henry, Duke of Cornwall (born 1 January 1511, died 22 February 1511)
  • Stillborn son (born/died 17 September 1513)
  • Stillborn son (born/died November 1514)
  • Mary I (born 18 February 1516, died 17 November 1558)
  • Unnamed daughter (born/died 10 November 1518)

Elizabeth Blount[]

  • Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset (born 15 June 1519, died 23 July 1536; illegitimate)

Anne Boleyn[]

  • Elizabeth I (born 7 September 1533, died 24 March 1603)
  • Miscarried or stillborn son (born/died 25 December 1534)
  • Miscarried son (died 1535)
  • Stillborn son (born/died 29 January 1536)

Jane Seymour[]

  • Miscarried child (died 25 December 1536)
  • Edward VI (born 12 October 1537, died 6 July 1553; successor)


  • The West End cast has a hoover jokingly named Henry VIII, alluding to how he is "finally" cleaning up their messes, as well as referencing the fact that the hoover is officially named Henry by the company that sells it, Numatic International.
  • Henry was the first English monarch to be protestant.
  • While married to Catherine of Aragon, Henry defended the Pope against protestants and was given the title "Fidei defensor", which is Latin for "Defender of the Faith". The title was passed down from monarch to monarch and is still held by Queen Elizabeth II.
    • The 'FD' on British coins is a reminder of this.
  • Henry was known to self-medicate and wrote his own prescription book.