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Nicole "Nila" Kyoung-Mi Ok Lambert, known professionally as Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, is an Afro-Korean American singer, dancer, actress, teacher, and performance coach. She is currently one of five alternates in the Broadway production of Six the Musical. She also played the same role in the 2019 North American Tour.

Nicole has performed as a temporary replacement twice; as Catherine of Aragon during the Chicago run (2019) due to Adrianna Hicks being involved in another show, and as Anna of Cleves during the St. Paul run (2019) when Brittney Mack was unable to perform due to an injury.

Personal Life[]

In January 2014, Nicole began dating performance artist and dancer Ja'Bowen Dixon.[1]


All Roles Covered[]

Role Debut Last Performance
Catherine of Aragon
NA Tour 1.0 (P): 21 July 2019
NA Tour (A): 20 November 2019
Broadway 1.0: 1 March 2020
Broadway 2.0: 8 October 2021
NA Tour 1.0 (P): 4 August 2019
NA Tour (A): 20 November 2019
Broadway 1.0: 1 March 2020
Anne Boleyn
Broadway 2.0: 19 November 2021
Anna of Cleves
NA Tour 1.0 (A): 25 August 2019
NA Tour (P): 29 November 2019
Broadway 1.0: 10 March 2020
Broadway 2.0: 11 October 2021
NA Tour 1.0 (A): 24 November 2019
NA Tour (P): 22 December 2019
Broadway 1.0: 10 March 2020
Catherine Parr
NA Tour 1.0: 13 June 2019
Broadway 1.0: 4 March 2020


Production Timespan Temporary Principal First Covers Second Covers Third Covers
First North American Tour (Chicago & Cambridge legs) 14 May – 22 July 2019 Catherine of Aragon
Anna of Cleves
Catherine Parr
23 July – 4 August 2019 Catherine of Aragon Anna of Cleves
Catherine Parr
First North American Tour (Cambridge & Edmonton legs) 21 August – 24 November 2019 Catherine of Aragon
Anna of Cleves
Catherine Parr
First North American Tour (St. Paul leg) 23 July – 4 August 2019 Anna of Cleves Catherine of Aragon
Catherine Parr
2020 Broadway Production 13 February – 11 March 2020 Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Katherine Howard
Anna of Cleves Jane Seymour
Catherine Parr
2021-22 Broadway Production As of 17 September 2021 Catherine of Aragon Jane Seymour Katherine Howard
Anne Boleyn Catherine Parr
Anna of Cleves

Stage Credits[]

Stage Credits
Year Production Role Theatre
2012 Fame the Musical Carmen Diaz/Dance Captain Real Clear Production
2013 RENT Mimi Marquez Brightside Theater
2013 Godspell Peggy/Uzo Saint Sebastian Players
2016 In the Heights Ensemble/Understudy Daniela/Camilla Porchlight Theater
2017 Creatives Jennifer Chicago Workshop Theater
2018 Memphis Ensemble Porchlight Theater
2019 Seussical the Musical Sour Kangaroo Marriott Theater
2019 Little Shop of Horrors Crystal Mercury Theater
2019-present Six the Musical Alternate Aragon/Cleves/Parr, Anna of Cleves, Alternate Chicago Shakespeare Theater, A.R.T., Citadel Theatre, The Ordway, Brooks Atkinson Theater
2021 Ratatouille the Musical Rat Queen Online Benefit Concert


  • Nicole was in the same production of Memphis as Shantel Cribbs and Mallory Maedke.
    • Nicole was also in the same production of Seussical as Samantha Pauly and Mallory Maedke.
    • Nicole was also in the same production of Little Shop of Horrors as Shantel Cribbs.
  • Nicole made her debut in the show as Catherine Parr.
  • Nicole performed as Catherine of Aragon at the Broadway in Chicago summer concert on 12 August 2019.[2]
  • Nicole's favourite queen to perform as is Catherine of Aragon.
  • Nicole's favourite lyric from the show is "It's not what went down in history/But tonight I'm singing this for me" from I Don't Need Your Love.[3]
  • Nicole has frequently expressed that she would love to play Anne Boleyn.
  • Unlike how it was announced that Mallory Maedke would be principal Jane Seymour in the St. Paul run instead of Abby Mueller, there was no announcement made about Nicole temporarily taking over for Brittney.
    • Nicole is the first alternate to temporarily portray the principal role of Anna of Cleves, the second being Cherelle Jay.
  • On Broadway, Nicole covers every queen except Katherine Howard.
  • Nicole sang as Anna of Cleves in the Worldwide Six video.
  • Nicole originally auditioned to be a swing. [4]
    • She was initially given the materials for Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr, but never did Howard's.
  • Nicole was the first Asian actress to serve as a production's principal Anna of Cleves, although she was not initially intended to take over said role.
  • Nicole's dream role would be Alexis Rose if Schitt's Creek were a musical.
  • Nicole releases music under the name Nila Kyoung-Mi.
    • So far, she has released one single titled Home.[5]
  • Currently, Nicole is the only actress who was a temporary principal for two different roles: Catherine of Aragon and Anna of Cleves.
  • Nicole, along with fellow 2019 North American Tour swing Mallory Maedke, is the longest running swing in Six history, having been with the show since May 2019.
  • She is the first actress to perform in an alternate costume in the Broadway production.


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