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"Six" is a British pop musical written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss while they were studying for their final exams at Cambridge University. It tells the stories of the six wives of Henry VIII, as they compete to decide who will lead the group based on how much they suffered while married to Henry.

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Today is 23 January, 2021, a Sunday.
Recent Events Herstorical Events Upcoming Events
  • 20 January 2022: Cassie Silva has her first put-in rehearsal as Howard.
  • 19 January 2022: Karis Oka makes her Cleves re-debut.
  • 17 January 2022: The Broadway cast celebrates its 106th performance.
  • 16 January 2022
    • The third Bliss production comes to an unexpected end; though it is unclear if it is temporary or not.
    • Esme Rothero makes her Parr debut.
    • Karis Oka makes her Howard debut.
    • Cassie Silva announces her involvement with the Broadway production of Six as an alternate.
  • 15 January 2022: Shannen Quan makes her Seymour debut.
  • 14 January 2022: Chiara Assetta makes her official Six debut as Aragon.
  • 13 January 2022
    • Karis Oka makes her Boleyn re-debut.
    • Amanda Jenkins makes her Bessie debut.
  • 11 January 2022
    • Shannen Quan makes her Aragon debut. [AUNZT2]
    • Rachel Rawlinson makes her Parr debut during an evening performance.
  • 09 January 2022
    • Danielle Rose makes her Aragon debut and Esme Rothero makes her Seymour debut during a relaxed matinee performance.
    • Shannen Quan makes her Parr re-debut.
  • 08 January 2022
  • 05 January 2022: Karis Oka makes her Boleyn re-debut.
  • 04 January 2022: Shannen Quan makes her Aragon debut and Heidi Maguire makes her Joan re-debut.
  • 03 January 2022: Marilyn Caserta makes her Aragon debut and Ashlee Waldbauer makes her Seymour debut, completing both of their covers.
  • 28 December 2021: Broadway performances are suspended until 30 December 2021 due to breakthrough Covid cases.
  • 27 December 2021
    • Marilyn Caserta makes her Cleves debut, and Ashlee Waldbauer performs her first properly-planned Howard show.
    • West End performances resume as planned.
  • 26 December 2021: Both AUNZ Tour shows on the 26th of December are cancelled due to breakthrough Covid cases.
  • 20 December 2021: Marilyn Caserta's Aragon debut is cancelled due to breakthrough Covid cases.
  • 19 December 2021: The second AUNZ Tour has its opening show, with the official Six debuts of Phoenix Jackson Mendoza and Chelsea Dawson, as well as the re-debuts of Kala Gare, Loren Hunter, Kiana Daniele, and Vidya Makan.
  • 18 December 2021: UK Tour performances are suspended until 29 December due to positive Covid cases within the cast.
  • 17 December 2021: West End performances from 17 to 26 December are cancelled due to Covid positive cases within the cast.
  • 16 December 2021: The 16 and 17 December West End shows are cancelled due to positive Covid cases within the West End cast.
  • 14 December 2021
During this week, from January 16 to 22...
  • 22 January 2022: A sing-a-long performance at the West End.
  • 29 March 2022: The opening of the US Tour production.
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Worldwide Six Video

Check out the new Worldwide Six performance video now!

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Six on This Morning

Jarneia Richard-Noel performs No Way!

Six Broadway Reopening

The 2021 Broadway opening performance of Ex-Wives!

West End Live 2021

Performances of Ex-Wives and Don't Lose Ur Head!

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A headshot of the actress.
Artemis Chrisoulakis
Artemis Chrisoulakis is a British-Greek actress, singer, and dancer. She is currently playing Katherine Howard in the Breakaway Cruise production of Six the Musical, beginning on 28 September 2021.
Photo posted by @mallorymaedke on Instagram on 12 January 2022.
Description: Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert as Anne Boleyn (left) and Mallory Maedke as Catherine of Aragon (right) in their shared dressing room, taken either before or after a put-in rehearsal.
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